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A. Components and Dimensions
components and dimensions
B. Description
Forend width 20mm, 22mm, 23mm, 24mm.
Length 235mm, 240mm.
Round head, square head.
  1. Stainless steel forend thickness is 1.5mm, 3mm. The forend edge should be polished to prevent from injury.
  2. Forend and lock case is projection welding process. There is no welding point on its surface, and the joint is very secure.
  3. To clean out any dirt and to increase satin, the surface of lock plate is polished with specific abrasive.
On request brass satin, brass polished.
Latch Bolt
The latch has the task to keep the door panel closed.
  1. Made of precision casting stainless steel. Shiftable latch bolt, latch bolt can be shifted without opening the lock case.
  2. Inclined plane of latch bolt is polished arc plane that enables latch bolt easily enter into lock case.
  3. Latch bolt is connected with level by means of rivet join so that latch bolt cannot fall. With shiftable way of lifting out latch bolt, the fastness is higher.
  4. With level way, the travel of retractation unit driving latch bolt is reduced so that the stability of drive is more reliable.
The deadbolt in the locked position has task to prevent access by unauthorized persons. To turning the key or lock handle once or twice, the deadbolt is pre-locked 1 or 2-turn. An increased protrusion of the deadbolt creates a higher safety of the lock. Made of 35 steel that is subject to quenching and tempering treatment. The structure of deadbolt is fine and close, hard, anti-bore and anti-saw.
Lock Case
  1. Lock case is 1.5mm cold-rolled galvanized sheet.
  2. Upper and lower case is roll forming process using large equipments. Both upper and lower case is combined in such manner that whole case is very smooth and underformed. By engaging side teeth, there is no any gap on the forend to ensure all of components can operate freely.
  3. It is provided with pressing screw countersunk so that screw head flushes with the surface. By tightening it using pneumatic screwdriver, the thread of screws is not easily damaged.
  1. Made of precision casting stainless steel.
  2. The spring is located in the square hole. This enables that the connection between spindle and hub is more compact and there is no clearance.
  3. To ensure that mounted or used handle will not sag, the follower horizontally inclines upwards in 2°.
  4. To ensure that the latch bolt can retract into lock case when turning the handle, it's driven by the follower without clearance.
  5. The elasticity of follower spring is even, and its force is moderate. The handle of different material and weight can be assembled comfortably.
Selected spring is specific steel product, which is subject to continuous nondestructive test using on-line eddy-current examination unit, to formed heat treatment in tunnel constant temperature furnace, and to actual test over 0.5 million times. These significantly increase like cycle, fatigue strength and reliability of spring.
  1. With numerous internal support points and secure rivet joints, strong impacts can be converted into even forces so that lock body will not be deformed and internal components will not be shifted.
  2. Main drive components are 2.5mm cold-rolled sheet. Important drive components has limiting and locking construction so that internal components are more compact to prevent from falling apart.
Use specific grease, Its lubricating performance is good, has high adaptability to cold and hot environment.
Striking Plate
Satin stainless steel thickness is 1.5mm. The striking plate shall be polished. To clean out any dirt and to increase satin, the surface of plate is polished with specific abrasive.

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