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hinge stainless steelGeneral Guide
  • Specify two hinges for average doors up to 2040mm in height
  • Doors over 2040mm and under 2340mm require three (3) hinges
  • Doors over 2340mm and under 30050mm require four (4) hinges
  • Doors fitted with door closers are subjected to greater forces and stresses than free hanging doors
  • The top hinge in particular suffers severe stress
  • Under these conditions it is recommended that a minimum of three hinges be used, the third hinge takes up the extra load and adds to the life of the installation
  • Under these conditions it is recommended that ball bearing or sinter lube bearing be used
hinge stainless steel 01 Digging is based on the hinge thickness.
H = hinge thickness

hinge stainless steel 02 A = hinge width
B = hinge length
H = hinge thickness

hinge stainless steel 03 Put the hinge at the digging place.

hinge stainless steel 04 Fixing screw for hinge.

hinge stainless steel 05 Different hinge quantities matching with the door height.


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